Program Improvement

Program Improvement is a technical assistance process for ABE programs that fall below set benchmarks on key accountability measures.The next Program Improvement cohort will start in Fall 2019, based on data from the 18-19 program year. 

Consortia will be flagged for possible participation in Program Improvement based on three accountability measures:

  • Measurable Skills Gains (Level Gains and Diplomas) for ABE students
  • Measurable Skills Gains (Level Gains and Diplomas) for ESL students
  • Post-Testing Rates for students with 40+ contact hours

Any consortium that falls below Program Improvement benchmarks on one or more of these measures will be flagged, and some or all flagged consortia will be required to participate in the Program Improvement cohort. This cohort spans a program year and may include:

  • Regular communication between state ABE staff, ABE Manager and other local ABE staff
  • One or more workshops with staff from all programs in the program improvement process to network, train on identifying issues, analyze data and facilitate development of the program improvement plan
  • Site visit(s) by MDE-ABE staff to observe programming and work with local staff
  • A specialized list of recommendations for ABE program improvement, based on conversations with local staff and site visit findings
  • A Program Improvement Plan, which the local program develops using a recommended format
  • Ongoing program data analysis
  • Additional training and technical assistance, as needed

For more information on Program Improvement, visit the Policy section of this website and open the ABE Program Improvement policy.