ABE Funding and Grants

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Federal ABE Funding

Minnesota ABE receives funds from the federal Department of Education as authorized by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Approved ABE providers in Minnesota receive federal funding based on a formula comprised of two components. An initial allocation is distributed based on enrollment and provides funding related to accountability and technology, including the data system (SiD), testing and instructional techonology. The remainder is distributed based on the provider's share of state-wide contact hours and is intended to support ABE programming in general. In recent years approximately $4,000,000 of federal ABE funding was distributed annually to approved ABE providers.


State ABE Funding

MN state statute provides funding for approved ABE providers based on a formula comprised of four components. An initial allocation goes to each provider based on school district member community education census count. The remaining funding is divided into three pots, with the majority of funds being allocated based on prior year contact hours, and smaller amounts allocated based on school district member LEP (Limited English Proficiency) counts, and school district member over-25 no-diploma counts.  In recent years approximately $47,000,000 in state ABE funding was distributed annually to approved ABE consortia.


Note: the term "contact hours" refers to instructional time for ABE students. One ABE student receiving one hour of instruction = one contact hour. For more detailed information about contact hours, visit the Policy section of this website and open the Contact Hour policy.


Other grants

In addition to federal and state funding based on formulas, a number of other grants are available to support ABE programs. These include recurring grant opportunities such as Integrated English Literacy Civics Education grants, and one-time grant opportunities such as the Navigating and Advising Support Services grant.