State law related to ABE

Minnesota statutes define and regulate the system of ABE in Minnesota. Important MN statutes relating to ABE include:

124D.52 Adult Basic Education (including program requirements and program approval)

Note: 124D.52 subdivision 1(c) addresses MOUs between ABE programs and workforce centers

Note: 124D.52 subdivisions 8 and 9 address the Standard Adult High School Diploma

124D.521 Consortium Requirements

124D.522 ABE Supplemental Service Grants

124D.518 Adult Basic Education Aid Definitions

124D.531 Adult Basic Education Aid

124D.55 High School Equivalency Test Fees

(NOTE: during the legislative session of 2017, language was adopted in 124D.55 and all other statutes that used the term "GED", which has now been replaced with "high school equivalency exam".)

122A.26 Licensure requirements for ABE instructors


For a complete list of Minnesota Statutes pertaining to Adult Basic Education please visit the Minnesota Statutes, Session Laws and Rules website, and enter "Adult Basic Education" in the "Search by Keyword" field.