Distance Learning

Distance Learning (DL) increases access to ABE services by making quality instructional content available outside the classroom. DL generally utilizes online resources and the instructional content provided through DL includes ESL, basic skills and GED prep. Across Minnesota many programs and consortia have found DL to be an effective way to increase access to ABE instruction for eligible students. In many cases DL is provided in a "blended" or "hybrid" model in which a learner has some time in the classroom but also completes work outside of the classroom using DL platforms. This can increase the quality of the DL experience for students by providing them with an opportunity for in-person support and instruction, while also allowing for the flexibility of schedule and location that is the main advantage of distance learning.

Distance Learning generates proxy hours which are then reimburseable in the ABE funding formula, similar to the way instructional time in a classroom generates contact hours. In this way ABE programs can grow their programming and funding through offering distance learning.

Additional resources:

To see more details about Distance Learning in Minnesota ABE, visit the Policy section of this website and open the Distance Learning Policy.

ABE Support Network provider Literacy Minnesota maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date website with extensive support for ABE teachers and programs using distance learning: www.literacymn.org/distancelearning