ABE Delivery System

ABE services in Minnesota are delivered through a network of providers which are organized into consortia based on public school districts. All 300+ public school districts in Minnesota belong to one of 39 ABE consortia. Some consortia consist of only one district, while others contain dozens.  

In addition to school districts, ABE consortia often include other members such as tribal nations, community based organizations (CBOs) and county correctional facilities. Many consortia have both school district and CBO partners, while a few ABE consortia are comprised of a single CBO with no school district member.

Two ABE consortia in Minnesota focus their services on individual tribal nations (White Earth and Red Lake), while other tribal nations are members of larger ABE consortia.

The Department of Corrections operates a state-wide ABE consortium that offers ABE programming at state correctional facilities across Minnesota.

Additional resources:

To see an interactive map of ABE consortia in Minnesota, including information on school district members, transitions regions and workforce development areas, go to the ABE Program Finder on the Minnesota Department of Education's website.

To download a printable map of the Minnesota adult education consortia, click here.

To find information about class offerings, schedules and locations of ABE programs across the state, visit the Minnesota Literacy Council's Adult Literacy Hotline or call 1-800-222-1990 or text 612-424-1211.

To see contact information for the manager of each of the 39 ABE consortia, go to the Contacts section of this website, and open the ABE Consortium Manager Contact List  

To see a list of school district membership for each consortium, open 2016-2017 ABE District Alignment Directory (Microsoft Excel).