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Minnesota State Statutory Authority

Minnesota Statutes 124D.52 (Adult Basic Education), 124D.53 (Adult Basic Education Aid), 24D.55 (GED Test Fees) and others govern the administration of Adult Basic Education programs in the state.

For a complete list of Minnesota Statutes pertaining to Adult Basic Education please visit the Minnesota Statutes, Session Laws and Rules website, click on "Search by Keyword or Phrases" and then type "Adult Basic Education" in the "text" line following "contains the phrase." Find an up to date Word document of all the state ABE statutes.

Minnesota ABE State Plan

The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 requires the development of a five year state plan.  Revisions to this plan are required for any year beyond the WIA Act reauthorization.  The original state plan, developed in 1998 and the most current revision follows:

Minnesota ABE State Policies and Guidance

The following documents address priority policy areas.


Related Documents:

Policy Memos:

Here are some important policy memos concerning Adult Basic Education developed and sent by the Minnesota Department of Education staff:

If you have any questions regarding ABE policy memos, please contact Brad Hasskamp, ABE Policy and Operations Specialist at the Minnesota Department of Education, at brad.hasskamp@state.mn.us or (651) 582-8594.

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