Basic skills

Basic skills classes (also sometimes called "brush-up") are for students who need elementary- or secondary-level basic skills including math and literacy. Sometimes basic skills students have a particular life-goal that is not strictly academic, such as developing math skills to manage personal banking, or brushing up on writing to be able to fill out reports on the job. Other times basic skills classes are a pre-requisite for individuals who hope to go on to earn a secondary (high school) credential, but whose skills in one or more areas are too low for GED or Adult Diploma classes.

Additional resources:

STAR Reading is a professional development opportunity for basic skills reading teachers, and the Minnesota Numeracy Initiative is a professional development opportunity for math teachers at all levels, including basic skills. Both of these opportunities are available through ATLAS.

To find ABE programs that offer Basic Skills instruction (reading or math), visit the Adult Literacy Hotline by clicking on the link in the upper right.