Standard Adult Diploma

Diploma Options

Standard Adult High School Diploma:  In 2014 the Minnesota legislature approved a new, competency-based option for adults to obtain a secondary credential. Prior to the standard adult diploma, there were only two high school completion options for adults in MN:

1. K-12 Diploma (Credit Completion):  Traditional programs that lead to a high school diploma from a K-12 school district, typically using a credit-completion model. Due to the intensive time commitment for adult students and expensive resource commitment for programs, this model is not available in many Minnesota ABE programs.

2. Test-Based Secondary Credential: GED testing is a battery of 4 tests, which after successful completion of all 4 results in a general education diploma. In 2014, a more rigorous version of the GED replaced the previous version. The new test is only available in a computer-based format, which is a barrier for some students.

The standard adult diploma provides an important and valuable alternative to these two existing options. As of September 2020, more than 800 individuals have been awarded a standard adult diploma.

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To see the MDE-ABE policy on adult diplomas, visit the Policy section of this website and open the Adult Diploma policy.

To find ABE programs that offer Adult Diploma, visit the Adult Literacy Hotline by clicking on the link in the upper right.