ABE Program Grant Information

Federal ABE Provider Competitive Grants

This grant is due March 15, 2017, and will determine what entitites will receive federal ABE money under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

ABE Consortium Application, Reporting Tables and Reporting Requirements

State and Federal ABE funding are avail­able to provide ABE services. To be eligible to apply for funding, a program must: a) be a nonprofit organization such as a public school district, Community Based Organization, Faith Based Organization, public housing authority, public post-secondary institution, tribal authority, AND b) have facilities accessible to physically handicapped learners, AND c) complete the ABE Program Narrative application which applies to all new applicants and to continuing ABE consortia that are scheduled for the five year review and approval process.

Materials from the 2015 Grant Application Meeting

ABE Program Narrative

The program narrative application is designed to give existing ABE consortia and new or reorganized applicants for ABE funding an opportunity to review and describe program results, successes, and organizational structure, adherence to state and federal requirements, and future plans.  Along with other sections of the Program Application, the Narrative will be evaluated in order to make decisions about new or continuing multi-year program approval and funding.  ABE program narratives received by the deadline will be rated by a team of reviewers according to the application evaluation criteria specified in Minnesota Statutes, Section 124D.52 and in the Minnesota State Plan for ABE.

More information regarding the ABE Program Narrative

Please Note: The Narrative is a separate submission from the Grant Application. The Application is submitted through SERVS Financial. The Narrative is submitted as a separate document to the ABE State Office. Please see "Submitting Narrative" for specific instructions in the Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program Overview and Consortium Requirements document. 

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