Program Improvement

Programs in program improvement need to submit a Program Improvement Plan by February 1, 2015.

Please refer to the ABE Program Improvement Policy, which describes how programs are selected for program improvement.

Program Improvement Summary

Programs are identified as a “Low Performing Consortium” on the annual ABE Report Card. The state ABE office will then conduct a data review to determine if a program should be placed in Provisional Approval Status.  All programs in Provisional Approval Status receive a letter and are required to participate in the program improvement process and are required to develop a program improvement plan.

The ABE Program Improvement Process spans an entire year and includes:

  • Ongoing conversations between state ABE staff, ABE Manager and other local ABE staff
  • Program Improvement Meeting(s) with staff from all programs in the program improvement process to network, train on identifying issues, analyze data and facilitate development of the program improvement plan
  • Planned state ABE staff site visit(s) to consortium sites to observe programming and work with local staff
  • A specialized list of state recommendations for ABE program improvement, based on conversations with local staff and site visit findings
  • A Program Improvement Plan, which the local program develops using a recommended format
  • Ongoing program data analysis
  • Additional training and technical assistance, as needed

Through this process, many of the program's policies and procedures are examined, including the program’s strategic plan, data management, quality of instruction, type and amount of professional development, how are policies documented, etc.  This process lasts one year.  If at the end of the year, the program's outcomes have not risen above the Program Improvement line for the next year, they will undergo stricter recommendations from the state ABE office and possibly face harsh sanctions, including required fiscal agent/management change or even rejection of the consortium’s annual ABE grant application.

Top Recommendations for Program Improvement

  1. Increase student retention and persistence
  2. Review data with all staff at least quarterly
  3. Use official, approved tests correctly
  4. Increase post-testing consistency
  5. Document your program procedures clearly
  6. Align the ABE assessment and the curriculum
  7. Clarify the consortium organizational structure, especially with communication and decision-making procedures

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